Rio 2016 staff downloaded files illegally during Olympic transfer programme

Possible loss of personal data.

How much

 Rio Olympics employees, thought to have been working in the London 2012 technology department, downloaded files without authorisation during the official Olympic knowledge transfer programme.

The original report by Brazilian journalist Juca Kfouri suggests the ‘hack’ was discovered by London 2012 staff when details of unauthorised access were found in log files. Kfouri’s blog entry suggests the files were highly confidential and included information about strategic planning and security. The nature and content of the files has not been confirmed by LOCOG, although officials, playing down the incident, said the documents would probably have been provided to the Rio team had they requested them.

The report of the incident in the Brazilian online portal UOL suggests no personal data was compromised.

None to date.

Regulatory action
None to date.

Reason for action
None to date.

September 2012