Dr. Pervinder Sanghera of Arthur House Dental Care


Loss of personal and limited sensitive personal data.

How much



An unencrypted USB stick containing records relating to patients and employees of Arthur House Dental Care was found in a public place. A number of spreadsheets containing personal data stored on the device were password protected.



Regulatory action

Undertaking issued to ensure that all portable media devices used to store and transport personal data are sufficiently encrypted. Staff must be trained not to take data off site unless necessary.

Reason for action

The memory stick had been utilised as a temporary back-up solution when the existing electronic back-up system at the practice failed. As a result of the back-up failure the memory stick was moved from the dental practice to the data controller’s home for safekeeping on a number of occasions. It is likely the memory stick was lost in transit.


01 March 2012.


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