E*Trade Securities Ltd.


Loss of sensitive personal data.

How much

608 records.


Files containing personal data relating to clients in the Middle East were identified as missing from storage in the UK having been couriered from ETSL-Dubai.



Regulatory action

Undertaking issued to ensure that any processing of personal data carried out by a data processor on behalf of the data controller is carried out under a contract made and evidenced in writing and that a detailed record of all personal data couriered internally is kept.

Reason for action

The investigation revealed that the data controller had no contractual agreement “made and evidenced in writing” with their UK data processor, nor had instructions on the security and processing of this personal data provided.


03 February 2012.


View PDF of the E*Trade Securities Ltd. Undertaking (Via ICO Website)

View PDF of the E*Trade Securities Ltd. Undertaking (Breach Watch Archive)