London Borough of Barnet

Loss of sensitive personal information.

How much
Over 9,000 records.

Theft of an encrypted laptop and unencrypted USB and CDs from an employee’s home.


Regulatory action
Undertaking issued to ensure that all portable media devices used to store or transmit personal data are sufficiently encrypted and that staff are suitably trained in the data controller’s policies on data protection, which must be regularly monitored.  Finally the data controller shall agree to a further audit by the ICO within the current fiscal year, to ensure that the requirements of this undertaking are met.

Reason for action
The employee had downloaded the data into the unencrypted devices without authorisation, though enquires revealed that insufficient measures were in place to prevent staff from doing so.

15 June 2010

View PDF of London Borough of Barnet Undertaking (Via ICO Website)

View PDF of London Borough of Barnet Undertaking (Breach Watch Archive)