Dacorum Borough Council


Loss of sensitive personal data.Loss of sensitive personal data.

How much

1,000 records.


An unencrypted hard drive was stolen from an adventure playground following a burglary. It contained registration documents relating to about 1000 children who have attended the playground.



Regulatory action

Undertaking issued to ensure that all staff are made aware of the data controller’s policy for the storage and use of personal data. Personal data must not be retained any longer than relevant and must be disposed of in a secure manner once no longer needed.

Reason for action

The Commissioner’s enquiries revealed that the registration documents were stored on the desktop and were not password protected. The previous password protection had been removed when a member of staff left the Council and was not restored. It was also revealed that no annual review of the database had been performed, resulting is registration documents not being deleted in line with the Council’s retention policy.


10 February 2012.


View PDF of the Dacorum Borough Council Undertaking (Via ICO Website)

View PDF of the Dacorum Borough Council Undertaking (Breach Watch Archive)