Post Office Limited

Loss of personal data

How much
250 records.

Items of personal information were recovered from refuse bins used by the London Road Southampton, Rymans franchise branch of the data controller. The information consisted of 65 Firm E111 applications forms, 158 receipts, 12 travel insurance forms, eight daily passport schedules and a money transfer showing the name of seven customers.


Regulatory action
Undertaking issued to ensure that data protection procedures are reviewed and updated where necessary to ensure that the correct procedures are in place for the handling and disposal of personal data. Staff must be sufficiently trained in these procedures.

Reason for action
The data controller had established procedures as evidenced by a declaration form (Form P13), but the breach nevertheless occurred and the ICO received complaints from members of the public.

26 February 2007


View PDF of the Post Office Limited Undertaking (Breach Watch Archive)